Monday, January 5, 2009

Raiding Resto in Crafted and BoE Gear

Since early in the Burning Crusades, Quaiche has been a bear tank. I originally converted from resto to tanking one evening when a guild officer needed a tank for Shadow Labs. I had some feral gear, but not much, so he went to the AH and bought me a set of Heavy Clefthoof gear and a ring or two and off we went. Then with the help of Emmerald’s Gear List (and later Rawr) I tanked all the way to Black Temple.

Now we’re heading into Naxxramas in the new Lich King expansion pack and the opposite is happening. We’ve got plenty o’ tanks. Bears, Warriors, Paladins and even a DK tank. But we’re short healers. “Fine, I’ll be a healer,” I said, “it’ll be fun.”

I started by crafting as much resto gear as I could (I’m a 440+ Leatherworker so made all this myself):

After that I hit the AH for some shopping. There are some pretty good BoE blues out there that can be had for a steal if you get lucky:

I ended up replacing all of the crafted blue leather in less than two weeks with better drops from Heroics and Naxx-10, but those pieces and the other stuff I bought enabled me to be a Heroic and Naxx-10 healer in very little time.

One slot that is hard to fill is the weapon. I ended up with War Mace of Unrequited Love from Heroic Nexus as my main hand and Watchful Eye in my offhand, so I didn’t have this problem for long. One thing I’ve seen people using is the Chilly Slobberknocker from Champion of Anguish quests. YMMV.

This week I’m back to bear tanking again, but now I’ve got a pretty good healing set going and am totally ready for Blizzard to ship dual-spec in patch 3.1 so I can be a Bear Tree full time!

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