Monday, January 19, 2009

BookHunters – Working together on the Higher Learning achievement

102256 The Higher Learning achievement is one of those achievements that looks so easy to do but is so damn annoying. Find and read eight books scattered around Dalaran and you get a cool mini frosty void walker pet thingy. The problem is that they only spawn every 3-4 hours, and are just as likely to spawn a fake book as they are one of the books you’re looking for.

My good friend Jordail turned me on to a great idea to help with this headache.

“Join the bookhunters channel,” he said.

It is simple. Join the channel. Encourage anyone else you find who is obviously camping a bookspot to join it. When a real or fake book spawns, announce it in the channel. If it is a fake book, open it to get the timer restarted ASAP. If it is a real book, announce it to give people a minute or three to get there so they can read it too.

For extra credit, create a macro to track the timers. Mine looks like this right now (channel 7 is the bookhunters channel on my system):

/7 Upper VC: ??
/7 Lower VC: 11:35
/7 Visitor Center: 12:25
/7 ToF Balcony: 12:03
/7 Violet Hold: ??
/7 Port Room: ??
/7 Upper LL: ??
/7 Lower LL: ??

Anytime someone announces a timer, I update the macro. Anytime someone asks for timers, I click the button. Easy as pie.

Since joining I’ve gone from 0/8 on this achievement to 4/8 and have a good shot at getting the other four in the next day or so.

Thanks Jord!