Monday, May 18, 2009

Free Battle-Bot Pets from Mt. Dew

Mountain Dew and Blizzard are teaming up in the challenge. By watching videos, referring friends, and all kinds of other silliness, you earn tokens which you can use later to buy stuff.

I normally don’t got for promotional crap like this, but apparently you’ll be able to get one of the new Battle Bots in-game pets. Oh yeah. 75 pets here I come!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quaiche is Back and Gone Resto

Funny how you take a break from blogging and suddenly have so much to talk about. In the past few months I changed my raiding main from Quaiche (Feral Tank) to Clavain (Warlock), Patch 3.1 came out which changed everything, we started raiding Ulduar, I’ve been continuing to tweak my addons, and I decided to make Quaiche into a healer.


Playing Clavain in Ulduar has been a kick. I was very fortunate to have geared him up very quickly in the weeks preceding patch 3.1 so he was ready to go into Ulduar the day the patch hit. (Although that day actually SUCKED ASS and nobody got to raid Ulduar as far as I can tell.)

Playing a warlock is fun. My first toon in WoW was a Horde warlock on Sargeras. Managing pets, DoTs, direct damage, pumping health and mana around like it is water… all while casting as much direct damage as you can… is FUN. I’ve been tanking for so long I forgot how much fun it was to actually be competitive in the DPS meters.

Ulduar has been a blast to learn. In my opinion, while Naxx was fun in its own way, it was really still a 40-man raid. They’d tuned it down, but it never felt like an instance that was really designed for 10- or 25-man raids. The fact that you could just run through AOEing like mad is evidence of that.

Ulduar on the other hand is a place designed for the way guild raid now. Trash pulls you have to plan out or you wipe. CC is back! Mana management matters. AOE isn’t the only way to go. Tons of changes… all of which I like.

On the addon front, I’ve been continuing all my projects. oUF_Quaiche is still getting regular updates and has come a long way since last I posted about it here. I’ve taken over maintenance of BigBrother which is a fav by the raid leaders in my guild. I helped Cladhaire with some of NinjaPanel’s features. All that fun geek stuff I can’t stop doing.

Our guild is still strong. And big. We’re still around 150 accounts and 500 toons. We’ve been pretty stable at that number since end of BC, so nothing new there. We’ve been progressing quite well. We’re 7/14 in 10-man Ulduar and 4/14 in 25-man Ulduar, which I think it quite good for a casual raiding guild.

Somewhere in the last few weeks, we got all out talent points refunded and I was so engrossed in my warlock at the time, I completely forgot to spec Quaiche. This week I was logged in on him and started thinking about what I wanted to do. I’ve not been a serious healer since early Burning Crusades… and I always threatened to make him a healer in Lich King. “What the hell,” I said, and specced him 11/0/60. Spent a few of my 240-odd Emblems of Heroism and I was good to go.

Now to find some Naxx PUGs to practice on and get a few more pieces of gear.

More soon on my return to Resto.