Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Addon Projects – Grunt & QTrackerPosition

I’ve been hacking on a few new addon projects. These are those kinds of addons that either do exactly what you want, or you probably don’t want them. Grunt started out as a bunch of hacks I had in a script file that someone asked me to share. QTrackerPosition came about as a result of me getting annoyed at the default positioning of the Quest and Achevement tracking frames.


OrcA warcraft addon that does those dumb menial tasks you hate doing yourself. Simply install and go. No configuration required.


Performs the following functions for you

  • Auto-repop to graveyard if in a battleground and don’t have a SS
  • Auto accept resurrect request
  • Decline all duels (not sure this is working right now)
  • Auto-accept invites from guildies or friends
  • Hide that annoying “Are you sure you want to Quit?” dialog
  • Skip gossip at vendors unless the ALT key is down

Disabling functions

If you dont’ want one of these functions, comment out the appropriate RegisterEvent call in the PLAYER_LOGIN event handler. It should be pretty easy to figure out. :)

Information and Download (alpha quality):


Quest Tracker QTrackerPosition is simply repositions my quest watcher and achievement watcher frames to where I wanted them.

  • Achievement tracker is left of center, near the top
  • Quest tracker is right of center, near the top.

I might make the position configurable some day, but for now they are hard coded.

Information and Download (alpha quality):

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