Monday, February 9, 2009

Addon Updates – Grunt, ChannelLock and Titleist

Been continuing work on some of my addons and figured an update post was due.


I first wrote about Grunt a week ago. Since then I’ve got it almost done and have published a beta to Curse.

The feature list has slightly expanded:

  • Auto-repop to graveyard if in a battleground and don’t have a SS
  • Auto accept resurrect request
  • Decline all duels (not sure this is working right now)
  • Auto-accept invites from guildies or friends
  • Hide that annoying “Are you sure you want to Quit?” dialog
  • Skip gossip at vendors unless the ALT key is down
  • Show/Hide enemy nameplates when entering/leaving combat

The only part that doesn’t seem to be working 100% as of yesterday is the accept invites from friends and guildies. That was working before so it shouldn’t take much to fix.

Developer checkins:

Beta and Official Releases:


I started ChannelLock back in December and while it continued to get a bit of attention here and there, some annoying timing bugs prevented me from releasing a beta.

I seem to have worked all of that out now, so the first beta is available on Curse.

Here’s the official description:

Have you ever found that the channels you're joined to changes without any rhyme or reason? Or that you log over to another toon and don't have the channels you had on your main? Or maybe they change channel numbers and what used to be in /4 is now in /5?

ChannelLock was created to solve these problems. You simply provide the channel names and associated chat frames and it does the rest.

Developer checkins:

Beta and Official Releases:


My newest zero-configuration addon is a simple solution to a simple problem. Everyone is now collecting achievements and the titles that go with them. But which title should you display?

Don’t fret, just let Titleist take care of it for you.

Every 5 minutes, Titleist will change your title randomly. Just install and go. No configuration required.

Developer checkins:

Beta and Official Releases:

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